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GEIGA PRIMAVERA web publishing service. All or any part of your Primavera project published to the web, live, same day, or weekly. Password protection at any level. Published to your company domain or we can supply unique domains that match your project. Provide World-Wide instant and fast access to project managers, contractors, managers, or any person you wish to give access to all or any level within a project.

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The doers should be the planner

The best person to create a project plan is the person who is responsible for working that plan. When a plan is created by one person and worked by another, they are less likely to believe in it and more likely to blame the plan if the project runs late or goes over budget. The implication is that everyone on the project should have input into the development and evolution of your project plan.

Our professional Project Managers are experts in the use of Primaver and practitioners in the PRINCE2 Project management process model - Project manager planners are at the core of any projects success is planning, the effective management of cost, human resources, materials Primavera planners tight ship control of major projects world wide. PBS London planners are highly skilled.

GEIGA Project Planners hit the ground running, armed and readay for battle.

  • Artemis ProjectView® by Artemis International Solutions Corp.
  • ATC Professional™ by InterPlan Systems Inc.
  • Immpower SP by Revere, Inc.
  • Microsoft Office Project® by Microsoft Corp.
  • Microsoft Excel® by Microsoft Corp. (for man hour / cost estimating)
  • Open Plan® by Welcom
  • Primavera Project Planner® (P3®) by Primavera Systems, Inc.
  • Primavera Enterprise® (P3e®) by Primavera Systems, Inc.
  • Primavera P3e/c® by Primavera Systems, Inc.
  • PS8™ by Sciforma Corp.
  • SAP® R/3 PM Module by SAP AG
  • and others...