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GEIGA PRIMAVERA web publishing service. All or any part of your Primavera project published to the web, live, same day, or weekly. Password protection at any level. Published to your company domain or we can supply unique domains that match your project. Provide World-Wide instant and fast access to project managers, contractors, managers, or any person you wish to give access to all or any level within a project.

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Our professional Project Managers are experts in the use of Primaver and practitioners in the PRINCE2 Project management process model - Project manager planners are at the core of any projects success is planning, the effective management of cost, human resources, materials Primavera planners tight ship control of major projects world wide. PBS London planners are highly skilled.

Project Planners GEIGA Planners hit the ground running, armed with the right tools to win.

Internet infrastructure - servers - wan - lan - electrifying - we see this problem every day - project planners and managers waiting for primavera and networked software to display. There is no excuses for this disastrous, frustrating and time wasting issue to go unresolved. Our in house consultant will cure this common illness

High performance web site hosting - from virtual duel core sever with minimum 500 MB ram to Quad Intel servers with 16gb ram. 2gb hard drive to Unlimited. From £50 PM managed.